Year 1 Farm Theme

A Squash and a Squeeze is our current favourite reading book in Year 1 at Michael Faraday School. This tells the story of what life is like living at a farm. It is a fantastic introduction to our new topic for the autumn term as we learn all about farmyard animals and what activities take place on the farm.

The Year 1 children have created some wonderful artwork based around the Squash and Squeeze book. Each pupil has made a puppet of their favourite farmyard animal. We are all very excited at seeing the farm animals at first hand during out trip to Surrey Docks Farm.

The farm theme has also been helping the children with their maths work. We have introduced Year 1 to the concept of estimation. We helped them to understand that a good estimate may not be precisely accurate, but it is a useful indication of a round number.

We have used the example of estimating the number of farm animals that we can see in a field. A small flock of sheep might have ten animals as a good estimate. It would be a little wide of the mark to estimate that there are 500. We have then been counting the number of animals and comparing this answer with our original estimate.

Our current science topic in Year 1 for this term is all about ourselves. We want the pupils to be aware that although we all share similar features, every person and child is very different. To help explore and celebrate how we all look, the children have been creating some detailed plasticine sculptures of themselves.

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