Year 2 Healthy Eating

Our healthy eating work has continued in Year 2 at Michael Faraday School. The children have been learning about the five main food groups that we need in moderation to help create a balanced diet: meat and fish, carbohydrates, fruit and veg, sugars and fats and dairy products. Having successfully sorted a number of different foods into the relevant groups, Year 2 have now gone about the task of creating their own healthy meal.

The children have been working with plasticine to model what they think is a good mix of the different types of food that we all need to stay healthy. Particular attention was paid to the five portions of fruit and veg that we all need each day. We have also discussed how sugars and fats should be seen as a treat, and not a regular food group for us to eat. Each plate has been labeled to explain the reasons behind each choice. You can watch a short video of this work being explained by a selection of Year 2 children above.

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