Year 3 Poetry Podcast

Year 3

We have introduced the children in Year 3 to the idea of an acrostic poem. This is a particular piece of writing where the first letter for the start of each sentence spells out a word. It can be an incredibly powerful form of creative writing that helps a particular theme to be associated with our stories.

As the starting point for this work we are reading Into the Forest as our main text for this term. This is a fascinating Key Stage 2 piece of text that is not as straightforward as it may first seem for the reader. There are many magical myths and ideas buried within each page. Our task as the reader is to explore these, and see how they can play a part in the main theme of loneliness contained in the story.

We are keen for Year 3 to use their knowledge of adjectives in this work. Looking at a simple but powerful image from the book, we have asked the children to describe what they can see. Adjectives help us to create a sense of excitement when wee are writing our stories.

Year 3 then completed a piece of acrostic poetry. Working under the overall theme of MIDNIGHT, each new line of the poem started with the sequence of letters in the word. Some incredibly powerful images can be found in our writing, as you can hear in the audioboo below.

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