Year 6 Storytelling

Year 6

Year 6 have now completed their storytelling entries as part of an online competition to help improve verbal delivery techniques. Each pupil was asked to choose a classic story that is special for them. We are all familiar with the main ideas in tales such as Oliver Twist, The Hare and the Rabbit or a Greek myth – our task was to make these stories come alive and sound exciting for the listener.

Each audio recording was made without any notes or script. We have been learning how a skilled storyteller is able to use their own imagination and vocabulary to be able to articulate a story effectively. Delivery and the tone of our voice can help to add extra excitement to our tales. This is a feature that Year 6 have been focussing heavily on ahead of making the final recording for submission.

You can listen to a group of our Year 6 pupils explain a little more about this process in the audioboo below, as well as accessing a playlist for some of the recordings that have been made.

Our artwork in Year 6 for the early part of the autumn term has involved looking at portraits and how they can be a powerful form of artistic expression. The pupils have been viewing some favourite historical self-portraits, each created with a different style or technique. We have seen how Van Gough’s self-portrait, Andy Warhol’s pop art image of Marilyn Monroe and classical paintings of Kings and Queens, all use a different artistic style.

Year 6 have been re-creating some of these famous paintings. This is in preparation for producing our own self-portraits. We are keen for the pupils to add in their own ideas and creativity, to create an image that is unique to each pupil and how they feel about themselves.

Finally our maths work in Year 6 has involved looking at Pascal’s Triangle. This is a complex mathematical puzzle that helps to demonstrate the relationships between different numbers and rows. We have been using Pascal’s Triangle to look for repeating patterns or square numbers.

Year 6

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