Nursery Duck Visitors!

The children in the Michael Faraday Nursery recently had a visit from a couple of very special guests – Ducky and Donald the ducks! We have been learning about ducks, as well as singing some songs to help us with our counting skills. Five Little Ducks is a current Nursery favourite.

Ducky and Donald decided to visit the Michael Faraday Nursery with the help of the Duck Man, a very special friend of the school. The Nursery children were keen for Donald and Ducky to feel at home at Michael Faraday.

We prepared by digging a special pond in the Nursery garden. The children took it in turns to dig a large hole. We then waterproofed the pond, and finally added some water. As you can see from the video above, Donald and Ducky certainly appreciated our efforts!

The children were given the chance to help feed our visitors with their special diet of grapes. We hope that they enjoyed their visit, and will come back to soon to see us at Michael Faraday.

We have continued with the duck theme as part of our early introduction to literacy. The Nursery children have been learning Quentin Blake’s brilliant Nice Weather for Ducks poems. You can watch some of the Nursery children reciting this in the video above.

Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday Nursery and we have been exploring shapes during our maths lessons. The children have been learning how some shapes are able to join together if they have similar sides or angles. This has been a great activity for the children, as you can see in the video below.

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