Reception Biscuit Bear

The Reception children have been busy making preparations for our grand Biscuit Bear party. We have enjoyed reading the Biscuit Bear book so much that we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate all that we have learnt with a specially themed party.

All good parties need some great food. The Reception children have been working in small groups to help bake some biscuit bears. We started off by first thinking about the ingredients that we might need. Each group prepared their own shopping list.

After we had washed our hands our next task was to carefully measure out the right amount of sugar, margarine and flour. The Reception children then worked together to help stir together the mixture. The final fun part for our baking was to use the special Biscuit Bear cutter to shape our food.

The children have also made a personal invitation for a special friend to attend the Biscuit Bear party. We have tied this work in with our continued learning all about phonics. Each class member has been able to sound out what they can hear in their friend’s name, and then offer a suggestion as to how we might spell the different names.

The bear theme will continue in the Nursery as we head towards half term. We are going to have a bear hunt in the Reception play area. The staff will hide away a number of bears for the children to search for.

Finally for our maths work in Reception we have introduced the children to the idea of 2D shapes. We have been thinking about how each different type of shape has a different property. The children have been identifying the number of sides and corners. We have been using the Reception feely bag to describe what properties we can feel in each shape.

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