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Year 3

Year 3 have been continuing to explore some of the themes and ideas in Anthony Browne’s brilliant Into the Forest book. We have been reading this story since the start of the new term. The Year 3 pupils are now using some of the complex ideas contained in the storyline to help with their own creative writing.

This is a special book as it contains a story within a story. The plot at one level explains how a boy goes in search of his father in a forest. The magnificent illustrations add an extra depth, with many familiar characters from nursery stories encountered along the way.

Our work is Year 3 has focussed on using these illustrations as the inspiration to use many adjectives. Working in small groups, Year 3 have analaysed an image from the book. The pupils have brainstormed some ideas to help think of as many adjectives to describe each scene.

We then came together as a class to collectively re-write the story of Into the Forest. The one difference was that we wanted to write the story from the perspective of the boy. We also made sure that the correct punctuation was added where necessary.

A selection of our Year 3 pupils explain a little more about our literacy work in the audioboo below.

Year 3

Year 3

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