Y5 Presentation Skills

Year 5

Year 5 have been working on hard on improving our vocabulary and verbal delivery skills. The inspiration for our work has come from reading Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Susan Jeffers. This tells the tale of a Native American Indian tribe, and how the land and animals are sacred.

The book contains many colourful observations about the land, as well as some proud speeches by some of the members of the tribe. Year 5 have been writing their own Brother Eagle, Sister Sky speeches. We paid particular attention to the commanding way in which we could deliver these to give a sense of authority.

Our work then took on a practical approach as we once again made the most of our tech partnership with audioboo. Year 5 have been recording their speeches without the aid of any notes. We have been encouraging the pupils to think about the pronunciation and delivery. Being able to speak publicly without any written aid is a great skill.

You can listen to a selection of the Year 5 recordings in the audioboo playlist below.

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