Year 4 Globe Invite

Year 4

We are thrilled to announce that Year 4 have been invited to perform at the annual Concert for Winter that will be staged at Shakespeare’s Globe on 12 December. We were invited to submit an original application that fitted the overall theme of Regeneration and Re-growth. Pauline came up with a particularly inspiring interpretation of renewing friendships.

The Year 4 Ukulele Orchestra will perform a unique rendition of the classic We’ll Meet Again song. The Michael Faraday version will have a contemporary twist. We will be mixing the classic original version of the song with a contemporary rap version that we have written. This combines the theme of regeneration with that of the renewal of friendships.

There is plenty of preparation ahead for the Year 4 Ukulele Orchestra to undergo between now and 12 December. Over the next few weeks we will be working on the performance of the song to make the Concert for Winter a special occasion. Parents of Year 4 pupils are of course invited to The Globe for the concert. We will be sending out details as the date approaches.

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