Year 1 Science

Year 1

Our current science topic in Year 1 is all about ourselves and our different body parts. We have been helping the children to identify and label the many parts that we can see in the human body. All Year 1 children have made a self-portrait of their body out of dough. We have asked the children to think carefully about the length of our arms and legs, and to try and recreate these in proportion to our other body parts.

Year 1

A large focus for this topic is to also consider the five senses. We recently took the children out on a walking tour around the school and the playground. We were keen for the Year 1 class members to log as many different sights, smells, sounds and different textures to touch.

Year 1

Good progress is also being made in Year 1 maths lessons. The children have been introduced to coins and how we can identify them. We have started some basic adding and subtracting work using one pence pieces.

In literacy we are reading the wonderful Whatever Next book. This is a story that requires great imagination as the children are invited to answer the question of… whatever next.

We have been using drama to help explore this theme. Whatever next for Year 1 recently included a trip to the moon! We transformed the school studio into a moon setting with videos of rockets being launched and moon passports made by each pupil.

Whatever next!

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