Year 3 Cinema Trip

Year 3

Many pupils throughout the school have been able to attend different film screenings as part of National Youth Film Week. Some classes have been invited to the local Ritzy Cinema in Brixton; others have traveled out to the West End for screenings.

Year 3 were fortunate to be able to receive an invite to attend a screening of Epic at The Haymarket. This is a film that is relevant to our current class reading book of Into the Forest. Both stories are set in a similar magical woodland setting. Fantasy and imagination also play a major part.

We prepared for the film by thinking first in class about how cinema can make a story seem magical. Year 3 have been looking at the role of dialogue, music and costume that is unique to each film. We caught up with a couple of our Year 3 film critics straight after the screening to find out their thoughts on the film.

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