Year 5 Reading

Year 5

Year 5 have spent a large part of the Autumn term being encouraged to read as much as they can and to help improve their enjoyment of books. We have been talking about how it is important to read a book that interests us personally. There is no point in struggling with a story that doesn’t attract us.

To help with this task we were pleased when the Year 5 library was boosted with a brand new delivery of reading books. Special attention was paid by the teaching staff to choose books that would be new to us, as well as challenging and exciting.

We gave all of the pupils a free choice in selecting what to read. Some pupils were interested in the blurb or the back cover information; others selected a certain book after a particularly strong recommendation from a friend. You can find out some of the early thoughts about our new Year 5 library in the audioboo below.

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