Reception Counting


The Reception children have been playing many different types of counting games during our regular morning maths sessions. Most of the pupils are now confident in being able to count from one to twenty. We have started to ask questions such as ‘what is one more than 12?’

A recent counting game that we played in Reception involved all of the children sitting in a circle. Working in pairs we handed out some picture cards displaying a certain number of objects. This might be three buses, five bananas or eight rings. We asked each pair to count how many items were on their card, and then to explain to the rest of their friends what they could see, and how many items were present.

We counted out all of the cards in sequence, asking who has a card with only one item, all the way through to twenty pictures being displayed on the card. We encouraged the children to think about ‘what is one more…’ each time. This work will be developed over the coming weeks to think about ‘what is one less?’

The Reception children have been thinking about When I Grow Up during recent literacy lessons. This is the name of our current class reading book. It introduces to the pupils some of the jobs and roles of people who can help us to keep safe. This includes police officers, firemen, doctors, nurses and teachers. We will develop this work over the coming weeks to think of some fantasy jobs such as pirates or mermaids.

Year 4

Year 4

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