Year 6 Mushrooms!

Year 6

Year 6 have been continuing with their scientific study of microorganisms. Having learnt about the role of yeast when baking bread, we have now started to learn about mushrooms. Our early work on this subject has also helped the pupils with their literacy skills. We have been learning by looking at information sheets, and then retrieving specific parts of knowledge.

A group of Year 6 students explain a little more about their mushroom work in the audioboo below.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and we have also started a new topic researching the 1980’s. The pupils will be looking at some of the music and culture during this period, and then comparing it with the music and art that is around us today.

Finally we would like to thank all of the students who have made a mature start to their Maths Booster Club work. We are now holding two sessions a week after school. The aim is to help prepare the pupils for the SATS work which will be taking place in May of next year.

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