Year 1 Baking Bread!

Year 1

Year 1 have had a successful bread making session. The children have been enjoying the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been learning how the main character finds it hard to find some friends to help her bake some bread. Year 1 decided that they would be good friends and help out with the baking!

We started off our practical work by thinking about the different types of bread that we like to eat. Some children enjoy rolls, whilst others suggested French sticks or bread baked in a twisted shape.

Year 1

The pupils then carefully followed the instructions to bake the bread. We made sure that measured out the correct amount for each ingredient. We had great fun looking at how the bread grew to a bigger size, once it had been baked in the school oven.

We celebrated the success of the Year 1 bread baking session by sharing the many different designs with all of our friends.

Year 1

Elsewhere in Year 1 and our maths work has seen some wonderful progress with the pupil’s understanding of number bonds. These are the basic that we need to build upon our maths work throughout out time at Michael Faraday.

Our main aim has been to be able to solve number problems by either adding or taking away. A verbal sum was read out by Zoe:

I went to the pet shop and bought five goldfish and two cats. How many pets did I buy altogether?

We encouraged the Year 1 pupils to write down the sum independently, and then use the school number cubes as a resource to help them solve their sum. This exercise was also a great way to help the children match up a word problem with the correct mathematical symbols.

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