Year 2 Science

Year 2

Our science work in Year 2 has been looking at how heat can help to change the state of a substance as well as the appearance. We started off our work by talking about what it means to be a good scientist – something that is very important to us at Michael Faraday School.

The pupils have been learning how all good science experiments need an aim, a prediction, a method and then a conclusion. To help us observe how heat can change a material we worked with a cake mix as our main material.

Each pupil completed a scientific worksheet, documenting every stage of the experiment. The first question we had to answer was to describe what the cake mix looked like before it went in the oven. Adjectives such as gooey, soggy or runny were all suggested.

Year 2

Year 2 then used their good science brains to complete the prediction part of the experiment. We talked about how a prediction is often a good guess. We shared these ideas amongst our friends.

We were now ready for the practical part of the experiment. The cake mix was placed inside the school oven, observing the correct cooking temperature and time. When the baked cake was returned to the classroom, we then asked Year 2 to suggest some possible conclusions.

Our science worksheets logged how the size, shape and colour had all changed. We asked the children to explain how this might have happened. A common theme was that the heat from the oven was able to change the appearance of the cake mix.

We concluded by asking a tough question: could we return the cake back to its original state? The collective response from Year 2 was that this couldn’t be achieved. Heat had changed the appearance, but it was irreversible.

A couple of Year 2 pupils explain a little more about their science work in the audioboo below.

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