Year 6 Assembly

Year 6

Year 6 recently staged an incredibly powerful school assembly looking at the issue of diversity. Our main message was that being different is interesting, whereas being the same is boring. Our assembly was titled: Diversity, Differences and Dreams.

We started off the session by asking our friends to imagine what Michael Faraday School would be like if we were all the same. We acted out an effective drama sequence showing some new pupils arriving at the school.

Each class member was wearing a safe paper bag over their head. They announced what their interests were. All of them liked the same food, colour or leisure activities.


This led to Year 6 explaining what is meant by diversity, and why we are so fortunate at Michael Faraday in that we have many children from different backgrounds.

The pupils then displayed some Venn diagrams that they have been working on with a partner. These show in the centre the similarities that we have – we go to the same school, we are roughly of the same age and we live in London. The outer edges of the Venn diagram highlighted how we are different – skin colour, religious beliefs or even our favourite football team.

We then asked the other children in the assembly to think about how their own unique personality might help them with their dreams. We spoke about ambitions, and then suggested some ways in which we might be able to achieve these. Some dream jobs were then acted out.

Year 6 finished off the Diversity, Differences and Dreams assembly by staging a mock Graduation Ceremony. This was the inspiration to use our diversity to help reach these dreams.

A selection of our Year 6 pupils explain a little more about their work in the audioboo below.


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