Nursery Show


The Nursery children are very excited about the special Nursery Show that we are preparing to present to the parents on 10 December. This will be an ideal opportunity to showcase all of the learning that the new Nursery children have made such great progress with since starting at Michael Faraday School only four months ago.

Our special show will look at the character of the Stickman, someone who we are all now very familiar with in the Nursery. The children have been learning a couple of songs about the character that we can share during our own show.

The Nursery children will also be reading out a moon poem, as well as ending our special show with a couple of Christmas songs. All parents and carers of Nursery children are invited to attend either one of the two shows on 10 December. We have a morning and afternoon performance at 9:20am and 2:30pm to match the teaching structure in the Michael Faraday Nursery.

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