Reception Maths


The Reception children have been learning about the concept of capacity during our current maths sessions. This is a complex topic for the children to understand. Our aim was to help improve the vocabulary of the pupils, and to understand what is meant by words such as empty or full.

We started off our group work by looking at some pictures on the shared class whiteboard. We saw two re-cycling bins. One had paper poking out of the top, whereas no paper could be seen in the second bin. This helped the children to understand that the first bin was full.

The Reception children then played a game, looking at similar images involving containers that were either full or empty. Out task was to decide which word would best describe each image.

A practical experiment was then carried out. We asked a class volunteer to try and fill an empty container with water so that it was full. We asked the other children questions such as when will they know if it is full? How can we then make the container empty once again? The children suggested that if there is no water left in the container then it must be empty.

Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday Reception and we are coming to a close with our topic looking at the different types of jobs or roles that people can have. Doctors, nurses and police officers have been looked at. Some of our Reception class members took a lively interest in pirates!

We are going to theme this desire to learn more about pirates during our trip to the Golden Hinde at London Bridge that we will soon be taking. The children will have the opportunity to board the famous old boat, and to imagine what it must have been like to sail at sea.

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