Year 1 Poetry

Year 1

Year 1 have successfully composed some stunning collective class poetry. We have been learning how words in poetry or rap lyrics often end with a similar sounding word. This theme is linked strongly to our current literacy work in exploring different phonic sounds and matching up words that contain the same sound at the end.

We started off our poetry writing by first listening to an educational rap. It contained many rhyming words at the end of each line in the lyrics – led, fed and bed, or mop, pop and hop. We asked the children what these words had in common when they read them out.

This then led Year 1 to work collectively on a shared class poem. We found the perfect subject matter in basing our work all about how wonderful Sarah’s Year 1 class is!

The children were presented with an opening line for each part of the poem. Our task was to come up with a suitable second line that would describe Sarah’s class, but also be able to rhyme within the poem.

Some entertaining ideas were produced, as you hear in the short recording below!

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