Year 3 Assembly

Year 3

Year 3 recently delivered a timely school assembly that was themed around the idea of the Advent period. This signals the start of the Christmas season for Christians and had many different traditions and beliefs.

We started off our assembly by explaining how Advent is celebrated in different ways in our homes. Year 3 put a great amount of research into this assembly. We held many class discussions about how Advent may be celebrated in our own homes, or how the season has similarities with other major world religions.

Our assembly identified that the Christmas tree is a significant symbol during the Advent period. The pupils researched the history of decorating a tree around the Christmas period. We shared our surprise in the assembly as to how a Christmas tree is actually a German tradition.

Our assembly concluded with a collective class reading of one version of the Christmas story. We displayed some images on the large whiteboard, and then each class member played a role in narrating the various scenes.

This assembly was a very special moment for Year 3. It was our first Key Stage 2 assembly in front of the older pupils at the school. Some of the pupils were slightly nervous ahead of the assembly. We all agreed that it was a wonderful achievement in managing to tell such a complex message during our assembly.

You can listen to the thoughts of a couple of the Year 3 children in the recording below.

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