Nursery Fireworks Video

The Nursery children have been holding joint celebrations for both Divali and Bonfire Night. We have been learning how both of these festivals have similar themes such as bright colours and plenty of light. The children have had great fun exploring some of the sounds that fireworks make. We have been learning how fireworks always need to be set off by an adult, but they are brilliant fun for us to watch!

We have been helping the children to count down from ten to one ahead of releasing an imaginary firework. The Nursery children have been using their drama time to try and imagine what a firework might sound and look like. When our countdown is complete, the children have then been acting out a firework scene, as you can see in the video above.

This work has also continued during our art sessions. Each Nursery child has drawn or painted a picture of some fireworks. They have then thought of their own unique sound that a firework might make. Some examples include PSHHHHH, POP POP POP, BIOW, VOOM and BOOM!

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