Reception Days of the Week Singing

The Reception children have started a new topic looking at time and the different measurements that we use. We have started off by looking at the days of the week. Our main focus for this activity has been to order the seven days in the correct order. The Reception children have been singing a Days of the Week song to help us remember the Monday – Sunday sequence.

We have also been thinking about the different months of the year. Each class member has been identifying when their birthday is, and which month they were born. We have widened this understanding of time to include seasons. The children have been able to state which season they were also born.

We are also continuing to think about different types of people that may be able to help us in everyday life. Having looked at the work of Doctors and people that work within road safety, we are now starting to look at the work of the police. The Reception children are very excited about a visit from a local police officer to tell us all about their work next week.


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