School News – 19 Nov: Open Morning

Diary Dates

15 Nov – Year 5 Singing Project.

19 Nov – prospective parents visiting the school. Please contact the school office to confirm an interest.

21 Nov – Nursery Theatre trip to see the Stick Man.

22 Nov – Year 5 Singing Project.

29 Nov – Year 5 Singing Project.

29 Nov – History Club trip to the Museum of London.

4 Dec – School Dental Nurse visiting Reception and Year 1.

5 Dec – Year 5 Singing Project.

6 Dec – Year 5 performance at Goldsmiths College.

11 Dec – Year 2 and Year 5 trip to Peckham Theatre.

12 Dec – Year 4 at Shakepspeare’s Globe.

18 Dec – School Christmas Concert at St Peter’s Church.

20 Dec – last day of the autumn term.

6 Jan – School re-opens for the spring term.

Think you know

Your children are learning about internet safety at school. You can read CEOP’s Top Tips for Online Safety over here. In addition we now have a new e-safety policy. There are many issues to consider. We welcome your feedback – please send any thoughts or suggestions via the school office.

We have also updated some of the various school policies. These can be downloaded over here. You can request hard copies of our policies in person via the school office.

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