Year 4 Electrical Circuits Video

Year 4 have been using the festive theme to help us with our D & T work. The children decided that Santa needed modernising. We all love the reindeers and the sledge, but what happens if there is no snow on Christmas Eve?

The challenge was set for Year 4 to design, build and then test an electric sleigh buggy that Santa could use as an alternative. We have been looking at electrical circuits during our recent D & T sessions. This was the perfect opportunity to take a practical approach to our theory.

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning how all-electrical circuits need a power source, an unbroken circuit and a component to power. We spent our first session exploring and experimenting with the school electrical equipment.

We wanted the pupils to find out what difference it makes when we add or remove a component. How much workload is the battery able to power? And what are the key components that we will need for our electric sleigh buggies?

Year 4

The pupils soon discovered that a propeller would be the main driving force for the buggies. It would be good to add in some lights, and possibly a buzzer to help keep Santa safe on the road. Our key objective though is to design a buggy that will be able to transport Santa and his many presents.

You can find out a little more about our early circuit exploration session in the video above.

Year 4

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