Key Stage 1 Choir

One of the many highlights from the Christmas Concert was the performance from the Michael Faraday Key Stage 1 Choir. We are incredibly grateful to the talented John Webb, a local composer, who kindly helps the younger children in the school with developing their creative singing talent each week.

John’s approach is to help the children appreciate their own talents, and to create compositions using their own ideas. This was very much the case for the Christmas Concert. The Key Stage 1 Choir put a huge smile on everyone’s face with a self-penned song that expressed their Christmas hopes.

Key Stage 1 Choir

Many of the Choir members were slightly nervous ahead of this first performance. We have also been helping the children with their ability to be confident when singing. As you can see from the video above, the Key Stage 1 Choir managed to match the high expectations set by John.

We also welcomed John back during the close of the Christmas Concert. He provided the powerful piano accompaniment for Oh Come All Ye Faithful, the grand finale showstopper for the Christmas Concert.

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