Ukulele Orchestra at the Winter Concert

There was much excitement ahead of the performance of the various Michael Faraday ukulele players at the Christmas Concert. All pupils in Year 4 are introduced to this amazingly versatile instrument with the regular weekly tuition from our wonderful Ukulele Orchestra Leader Lorraine from Learn to Uke.

Year 4 sang and strummed Santa Clause is Coming to Town as part of their contribution for the Christmas Concert. Being able to play the ukulele chords, and sing at the same time is an incredibly complex musical move in which to achieve. Through careful tuition, Year 4 have managed to master this act.

We are also able to provide an after school Ukulele Club for any Year 5 or Year 6 pupils who want to carry on with their learning. Lorraine is able to introduce the members of the Ukulele Orchestra to new techniques and a variety of playing styles.

Some last minute rehearsals took place by some of the members of the Orchestra before the St Peter’s Show. You can hear a little about the pre-performance nerves, and how we were able to confront these in the audioboo above.

It was definitely a case of Being Alright on the Night when the Michael Faraday Ukulele Orchestra took to the stage at St Peter’s to perform Imagine. Although this sounds like a relatively simple song, many different chord changes take place, as well as a quite unique plucking technique that the pupils have had to learn.

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