New Year, Inspiring Assembly!

Inspiring Assembly

All Key Stage 2 pupils started off the new school term with a school assembly that helped us to focus on what we want to achieve at Michael Faraday for the remainder of the school year. Pauline introduced the assembly and welcomed the pupils by playing You Can Get It If You Really Want It. This was the key message for the morning – you must try, you’ll succeed at last

We asked the pupils what it means to continually try and why it is important never to give up. This theme was developed to consider what we all want to achieve as a community at Michael Faraday School. Pauline explained how all of the staff keep on trying to make the learning an even better experience for the pupils. In return the staff expect the pupils to keep on trying to achieve to their greatest potential. This is what we feel is special about our school.

Pupils were then invited to share some of their recent achievements. We found that this is never easy – you will face some problems that you need to overcome if you want to succeed.

Our assembly ended in a similar way in which it started. The children departed with I Feel Good playing out. We recognised that if you do try and achieve what you want, this leaves you with one of the best feelings, knowing that your hard work and effort has been worthwhile.

Three of our Year 6 pupils share some of their thoughts about the assembly in the audioboo below.

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