Year 3 Library Trip!

Year 3

The Year 3 pupils were all incredibly excited ahead of our first visit to the Michael Faraday School Library. This is a growing shared school resource where we encourage all pupils to develop their own interests in reading by offering a wide selection of books.

Year 5

We spoke first in the classroom about some of the basic school library rules that all pupils need to observe. We borrow one book at a time, and always make sure that we put all books back where we first found them. The Michael Faraday Library is also a quiet space. We know that books can be fun, but we don’t want to spoil the reading enjoyment of our other friends.

Year 5

It was interesting to see how each Year 3 pupil approached their library time. We offered a completely free choice as to what book they would like to borrow. Some pupils chose contemporary novels, whilst others went straight for the reference section to find some information books. We helped the pupils with their task by showing them how the library is organised.

Year 5

We hope that the Year 3 pupils will share their love of books with their friends, and pass on any tips or recommendations from their own private reading. You can catch up with some of the thoughts following the first library visit in the recording below.

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