Year 5 Victorian Topic

Year 5

Year 5 have just started researching a new class topic looking at the Victorian period. We asked the pupils what they might already know about this period in history. The pupils were surprised to find that they already have some introductory knowledge through watching various TV programmes.

We then presented the Victorian period as part of our ever-growing timeline. We asked Year 5 to locate the Victorian period on the school timeline, so that we could compare this time period with other topics that we have researched.

Some key facts about the Victorian period were then presented on a series of cards. We asked the pupils to sequence these in the correct chronological order to obtain an understanding as to how this was a period of tremendous social and economic change.

Some of these early thoughts are explored by a couple of our Year 5 pupils in the podcast below.

Our work on the Victorians will continue throughout the spring term. We will soon start reading Street Child, a novel that looks at the life of poor Victorian children growing up in London. We will extend this work to compare Victorian childhoods with that of our own lived in modern day South London.

Year 5

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