Nursey Fish Video!

The Nursery children have started the new term at Michael Faraday by starting to read the wonderful Hooray for Fish book. This is a very visual and colourful book. It introduces the children to many different types of fish. We have been having great fun in describing how these all look, and then thinking about some fish actions that we can carry out during our Hooray for Fish rhyme.


The children have also been using the Hooray for Fish characters to help us with our counting. Working in small groups the children counted our toy fish characters as we placed them into the fish bowl. We asked each class member to count along, and then to show how many fish were in the bowl using our fingers.

We have also been helping the children with their number writing skills. If we placed five fish in the bowl then we took it in turns to draw a large number five on the class whiteboard.

Pictures of the number of fish in each bowl were also presented on the whiteboard. This helped the children to visualise that if we had counted six fish going into the bowl, we could also see six fish on the whiteboard. This knowledge was then used to compare with other numbers. We could see that six is a larger number than five.

You can watch a short video showing the Nursery Hooray for Fish rhyming actions above.


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