Reception Re-cycling


The new school term has seen a selection of superheroes starting to appear in the Michael Faraday Reception. Michael Re-cycle is our current favourite superhero. We have introduced this clever character to the children, and then started to explore some of the special powers that he has. Michael Re-cycle likes to clean up town by re-cycling rubbish. The Reception children have been learning why this is important.

We have linked this theme in with our new maths topic of 3D shapes. We have asked the class members to bring in some re-cycled rubbish from home. This could be an empty cereal packet, a yoghurt pot or a milk cartoon. The children will be sorting this rubbish into the correct re-cycling piles, and then using the materials to help to build some re-cycled homes. We will also be making some re-cycled gadgets for our own superhero characters to use.

A large part of all of our work in the Reception classes this term is to look at the importance of teamwork. We are keen for the children to understand that we can achieve even better results if we all work to together and help our friends. We will be working in small teams to help complete our re-cycled model building.

Finally we will finish off the re-cycling topic with a Reception rubbish quest. Various items will be carefully hidden away in the outdoor Reception play area. The challenge for the children will be to work with Michael Re-cycle and help to collect the rubbish and clean up our playing space.

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