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Year 1 have started the new term at Michael Faraday with some very special explorations. We have been introduced to a mystery character that we only know as Bob. The children have been shown a large picture of Bob as part of a book that we will be reading throughout the term. All of the words have been hidden away – all that we can see is the image of Bob and his surroundings.

We asked the Year 1 children to start to think about who Bob is. Where does he live? What job does he do? Who is he friendly with? We tried to find some clues about the mystery character by looking at some of the objects found in the background of the picture of Bob. All of these questions were written down in a Year 1 book of facts about Bob.

We then sent a copy of our Year 1 Bob book to the main character himself. We were thrilled when both classes received a personal reply from Bob! He told us that he is an astronaut and spends a lot of time on the moon. Much to our surprise we were also told that he is scared of aliens! The children are now writing postcards for Bob to try and find out more about The Man on the Moon mystery character.

You can watch some of the Year 1 children read out the messages in the video above.

Year 1

Meanwhile our maths work in Year 1 for the new term is focussing heavily on our use of the number line. The children have been learning how this is a key resource to help us with our counting as we progress throughout Michael Faraday School.

Year 1 are currently looking at subtraction sums using the number line. We have been using the technique of finding the starting number, and then counting backwards the amount of units that we want to subtract. This then gives us the correct answer for our completed sum.

Year 1

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