Hooray for Fish!


The Nursery children have taken a practical approach to our study of fish with a trip to the local East Street Market. One of our class reading books for this term is Hooray for Fish! This has introduced the children to many different types of fish and sea animals. Our curiosity took us to East Street Market where the Nursery children were able to look at the variety of fresh fish being sold. We were able to see razor fish, clams and cod.

Our Hooray for Fish work has continued back in the classroom by exploring some new vocabulary based around the book. A selection of fresh fish was also brought back to the Nursery. The children have been using these to help paint some still life pictures.


We have been holding class discussions exploring the themes of movement and being stationary. We have compared the movement of the fish in the water with the way that we think an octopus might move.

This fishy theme has continued during our maths learning in the Nursery. The children have been working with whiteboard images of sea creatures and matching quantity with numerals. The teaching staff have been helping the pupils to correctly identify fish, sharks or crabs etc. All of this work has been documented on our brilliant Hooray for Fish class collage.


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