Reception Heroes


The Reception children have been taking inspiration from the Michael Re-cycle character to help create some super heroes that have been helping the children out in the classroom. We have been learning about the special powers that Michael Re-cycle has, and how any super hero needs to be able to help other people in a unique way.

Each class member has invented their own super hero character. We have asked each child to describe the special talent that their character has, and how it might be able to help our friends.

All of these super heroes need somewhere safe to play. The children have helped to create a super hero cave in the classroom. This is a magical place where the super hero characters can take a rest.

The Reception children will soon have some extra help from Super Bear. This is character that we are hoping will make an appearance in the Reception. The children have been set the homework task of creating a super hero costume for Super Bear. We will then be able to give our new friend his fancy costume, and he can help us explore different parts of the world.

We have asked Super Bear if he will explore other countries, and then write a letter for the Reception children to tell him about his travels. We are hopeful that Super Bear will get to visit China in time for the New Year celebrations. The Reception children are very excited about our own trip to Chinatown to look at the New Year lanterns.

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