Year 4 WW2 Trip

Year 5

Year 4 have been making preparations for evacuation! As part of our study of World War Two, the pupils have been thinking about what it must have felt like to be an evacuee during the War. We have asked questions such as where were the London children evacuated to? Why did they have to leave their homes, and what would be suitable items for them to take to their new temporary homes?

We used this theme to think about a modern day evacuation situation. We asked the Year 4 pupils to construct a list of items that they would like to take with them if they had to move to the countryside. It soon became clear that the toys and resources that we have living in contemporary London are very different to what was available for London children living through World War Two.

Our study of World War Two has also included a wonderful trip to the nearby HMS Wellington. This is a decommissioned British submarine that is now docked along the river Thames. Year 4 were able to explore the cramp cabin conditions that the submarine sailors would have experienced. We were able to climb into the bunks and see how little space was available.

Our workshop aboard HMS Wellington also introduced Year 4 to the idea of flags and signals. The pupils had their names spelt out using the flag system that would have been operated aboard HMS Wellington. We also had a chance to view the river from the vantage point of the lookout.

Year 4 have a further trip to HMS Belfast planned. We will be able to compare the cramp conditions on Wellington with that of a World War Two battleship.

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