Year 5 Skellig Stories

Year 5

Year 5 have completed their in-depth study of Skellig by writing their own interpretation of the classic David Almond novel. The pupils have been exploring the intriguing character of Skelling during our literacy work throughout the school year.

We have been thinking about the style of writing and how the plot is explained in the book. Our task was to come up with a unique story that contained some of the themes we have discovered in Skellig.

This has been a challenging and rewarding piece of work. Year 5 have put a great amount of thought and detail into their stories. We were keen for the pupils to write in a similar theme to Skellig, but to also add their own unique perspective.

The results are quite outstanding. You can listen for yourself with a couple of short passages being read out by two of our Year 5 students in the recordings below.

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