Y2 Great Fire Podcast

Year 2

Year 2 continue to be fascinated by our current history topic of the Great Fire of London. Having researched the basic facts associated with the Great Fire, our work has now progressed to start to think about how we can use this event to help with our literacy work.

The children have written a newspaper report from the period explaining how the Great Fire spread through the City. We focussed on the theme of The Day After the Fire. The pupils have been learning about the difference between writing a re-cap and reporting for a newspaper. You can listen to some of the reports being read out in the recording below.

Year 5

Elsewhere around Year 2 and our maths work has involved an exploration of 3D shapes. The pupils have been encouraged to look at the different perspective that a 3D shape presents us with. We have made plasticine models to help us understand how 3D differs to 2D.

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