Year 1 Wildlife Work

Year 1 have been having great fun working with our friend Sylvia from the London Wildlife Trust. Sylvia has been helping the children with their outdoor learning knowledge by setting up different tasks themed around wildlife.

A recent session set the task of building a Bug Hotel! We started off our project by thinking about what type of environment that bugs need to survive. We heard how they enjoy dark places, rather than living in our bright classroom.

Year 1

Sylvia then helped Year 1 to create the Bug Hotel. We rolled up cardboard to create an inner place for bugs to live. Twigs were also bundled together to create a welcoming environment. We finished off this build by placing the Year 1 Bug Hotel in a corner of the Michael Faraday playground.

The children will be monitoring their creation over the coming weeks to observe what type of bugs we are able to attract as spring starts to arrive. We are also looking forward to visiting Sylvia in her working environment at the London Wildlife Trust in nearby Peckham.

Year 5

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