Year 5 Diversity

Year 5

Year 5 recently staged a school assembly helping our friends from other year groups to understand and appreciate the idea of diversity. We started off our presentation by playing a short game. Kirsty asked various questions and invited the pupils to stand up if they fitted into any of these groups: Who likes maths? Who can speak a different language? Whose family comes from Sierra Leone?

We were instantly able to identify that we are all different. This then led to the idea of freedom being explored. We heard how Britain – and London in particular – has always been a diverse and hopefully welcoming place in which all can live. This allows us all the personal freedom to express who we want to be.

Our assembly posed the question: what would it be like if we were all the same? The answer soon came back that it would be a very boring way in which to live! Year 5 looked at the availability of different food, music, fashion, dance and sport. We talked about why it is important to celebrate these differences.

Year 5 have been reading the wonderful Cloud Busting book by Malorie Blackman. Our assembly concluded with some pupils reading out some poems that we have written using our inspiration from the book.

You can find out a little more about the Year 5 diversity assembly in the podcast below.

Year 5

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