Year 6 Citizenship

Year 6

The Year 6 pupils at Michael Faraday have recently participated in the Southwark Junior Citizenship Scheme. This was a one-day workshop, which had the aim of preparing the students for secondary school. All pupils attended the various sessions staged at Salmon Youth Centre. The focus was very much on safety and feeling confident in any new surroundings that we might need to face as part of secondary school transition.

Sessions were staged by various organisations with an interest in the welfare and support of young people. There was a large representation from Transport for London. Many of the Year 6 pupils might be traveling on the tube or on buses to their secondary school. The emphasis for these workshops was on safety. This included not only physical safety when catching the tube, but also how we can feel safe socially when traveling independently.

Another session looked at Stranger Danger. This involves the very simple message of knowing whom we can trust to talk to or possibly help us. Related to this was the idea of cyber bullying. Year 6 took part in a workshop organsied by the Met Police, which explored ideas of how we can stay safe, online. A powerful theme here was understanding that we always need to know whom we are talking to online.

The London Fire Brigade was also involved in the Southwark Junior Citizenship Scheme. Year 6 learnt about how we need to react if we are caught up in a fire, either at home or at school. We have followed up this work back in the classroom with each student writing an action plan, should we be faced with a fire.

You can find out a little more about the Southwark Junior Citizenship Scheme in the short recording below.

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