Nursery Horniman Trip


The Nursery children had a fantastic day out recently at the nearby Horniman Museum. We have been reading the Hooray for Fish book all term. Our trip to the Horniman was arranged so that the children could see many different types of fish that live in the wonderful Horniman aquarium.

We have been helping the children to learn new forms of vocabulary as s part of our literacy work related to the book. We asked the Nursery children to identify what they could see in the different tanks at the Horniman. Starfish, jellyfish and frogs were all correctly identified.

We also had time to during out visit to look at some of the other Horniman exhibits. The colourful butterfly collection was popular with the children.


Back in the classroom and we have all created some artwork related to the Horniman trip. The children have helped to produce some colourful posters explaining what they saw during the visit. We have encouraged the children to create their own complete sentences.

Our fish theme will continue for the second half of the spring term. The Nursery children will soon start to read Billy’s Bucket. This is an incredibly thoughtful book about how Billy uses his imagination to think about what he would like to find inside his special bucket. We will be asking the children to come up with similar examples.

You can listen to some of the children explaining a little more about their brilliant Horniman trip in the audioboo below.

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