Reception Sharks


The Reception children are receiving weekly updates from our special super hero friend Super Bear as he continues his travels around the world. Super Bear has already visited China, India and the Philippines. He is currently in Australia.

Each time that he arrives in a new country he sends a letter, a postcard or even an email back to Michael Faraday telling the children all about what he has seen.

We are incredibly lucky to have parents and friends of Michael Faraday from many different places around the world. We are extremely grateful when our friends offer to talk to the children about their home countries.

Wiktor’s mum recently explained all about her home country of Australia. She shared some photos showing what life is like on the other side of the world. The children were also introduced to the Kookaburra song, which you can see being performed in the video above.

The travels of Super Bear have been incredibly beneficial for the Reception children. We are finding that their world knowledge is vastly improving. The children are able to point out the location of some of the countries on a world map.

Super Bear mentioned in his recent visit that he has seen some sharks in Australia. This will lead nicely into our next literacy theme when we start to read Surprising Sharks.

To help prepare for this topic we welcomed into our school Sapphire’s father who is an expert on all things shark related. This was a special surprise for the Reception children. Our guest brought in a couple of sets of sharks teeth. The children had plenty of questions!


Meanwhile our maths work in Reception has looked at different ways in which we can talk about height – tall, short, big or small. The children have been measuring their own height, and then ordering all of their friends in the correct height sequence.

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