Y4 Maths Investigation

Year 4 have been busy since the half term break with a practical maths investigation. We have started to look at different ways in which we can measure weight, and the units of measurement to describe the weight of a mass. The pupils have been working using grams and kilograms, and understanding the mathematical relationship between each unit.

We devised a couple of mathematical investigations to help us with our work. Each group was set the challenge to weigh out a pre-defined weight of spiral pasta. We used two types of apparatus to help us with this – a balance scale and a kitchen scale.


As the name suggests, the balance scale needed to be balanced for us to know that the weights on one end of the scale were the same as the pasta that we had counted out. The kitchen scale requires some skill in being able to correctly read the gauge.

All of our results were recorded carefully on our worksheets. We were able to then compare the findings from both the balance scale and the kitchen scale. If one scale found that 10kg of pasta contains X amount of pasta, then the same result should be replicated on the kitchen scale.

You can find out a little more about the Year 4 maths investigation in the video above.


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