Year 2 Science


Year 2 have started a timely new science topic for the spring term looking at seeds and plants. We started our research by holding a class discussion. We asked the children to share any information that they already know about this topic.

What is a plant? Where do seeds come from? What do seeds produce?

We used some drama to help us with this process. The children pretended to be a tiny seed. Over a period of time we then slowly started to grow and shoot up as a fully-grown plant.

The children were then asked to think about what has helped their tiny seeds to grow. We learnt that all seeds need water and sunshine if they are to grow into plants.

A short plant quiz was then staged for the Year 2 pupils. Some of us were surprised to see that grass, trees and even potatoes all follow the same process when growing.

Our work then looked at reproduction. We asked the children how do the seeds manage to keep on growing each spring? To help us with this work, Year 2 then took part in a practical investigation. Each table group was given some fruit and seeds to explore. We reported our observations back to our class friends.


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