Year 6 Sports Relief Assembly

Year 6 recently staged a powerful assembly to help all pupils think about what we can do to help support Sport Relief. We started off our presentation by explaining a little more about Sport Relief. The pupils introduced the idea that it is an event that takes place every two years to try and help children in the UK and abroad who might need our support.

We are incredibly proud of the diversity that we are able to boast at Michael Faraday School. To demonstrate how global our school is, all of the home countries and languages spoken in Year 6 were read out.

Our assembly then chose to focus upon the West African country of Ghana. We added some colour and celebration of this country with some of the students dancing a traditional Ghana dance played out to an African drumming rhythm.

Other pupils then offered an overview of Ghana. We have researched this country and were able to talk about the history, the major cities and some of the culture.

Our Sports Relief assembly then looked at a young boy from Ghana called Daniel. We watched a very moving Sports Relief video about Daniel’s life. Although he is the same age as many of our Year 6 pupils, Daniel has to work long hours in a gold mine twice a week, just so that his family can afford to eat.

We heard how Daniel has aspirations to become a teacher. The short film explained how money raised through Sport Relief could help Daniel to stay in school and work towards his ambitions.

Our assembly then posed some questions about Daniel’s life in Ghana to help the message of hardship be understood. We concluded by thinking about how we can help to raise money for Sport Relief at Michael Faraday. All pupils are invited to wear a comedy sports costume on 24 March, for the small price of £1. We are also asking each individual class to come up with a sports related activity to help raise some money.

You can find out a little more about some of these ideas in the audioboo below.

Year 6

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