Nursery Bucket Songs!

The Nursery children are exploring many different themes related to Billy’s Bucket, our current class reading book. This is a highly creative piece of Early Learning literature. It tells the story of how no one believes Billy when he tells them what he can see inside his bucket.

The tale has inspired the Nursery children to want to explore some possible magical worlds within our own buckets. We have been to the nearby East Street Market to buy some buckets that will hopefully hold some magical powers!

The Nursery children have been helping to create some new songs about the story. We have used familiar tunes that we already know, and then adapted the words to fit our own thoughts about Billy’s Bucket.

The story is very open-ended with plenty of opportunities for asking questions. It is great for helping he children to improve their vocabulary. If parents and carers are able to continue with this theme during home reading time it would certainly help with our learning. The aim is to encourage the children to be creative and describe what might be inside their magical bucket based on their own surroundings.

We will be keeping the Billy’s Bucket theme running during Sports Relief week. The Nursery children will be taking part in an obstacle course race. One of the conditions of entry is that you must carry a bucket! We will be filling the buckets with coloured water, and then awarding prizes for the Nursery children who spill the least amount of water whilst running.

You can watch some of the Billy’s Bucket Nursery songs being sung in the video above.


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