Year 1 Literacy

The Year 1 pupils have started to produce their own book explaining all the knowledge that we now have about our favourite toys. We have visited the V & A Museum of Childhood, as well as opening up the Michael Faraday Toy Museum. The pupils are now ready to document this work in our own special book.

To help with this task we asked each class member to bring in their own favourite toy from home. We then paired up with a friend to help us out with our work. Year 1 have been learning about the difference between a piece of fiction and a factual book. We want our own toys books to be factual.

Each class member mentioned some facts about their toy to their partner. These included appearance, functions and what age group the toy might be suitable for. We then set about the task of capturing this information for our books.

Year 1 will be working on the books over the coming weeks. We are going to introduce ideas such as a Contents page and even a Glossary. You can watch a selection of the Year 1 pupils describe their favourite toys in the video above.

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