Year 2 Science Video

Year 2 have been investigating what is the ideal conditions to grow cress in as part of our science work. We set up an experiment that could help us observe the impact that both light and water have when it comes to helping cress to grow.

As with all of our science experiments at Michael Faraday School, it was important that we set up a fair test. Three containers were used to grow three beds of cress. We made sure that each container was identical to keep it a fair experiment.

We then had to think where we could place each container so that the variables of light and water could be observed. One container was placed in a dark cupboard with no water. A second container was also placed in the cupboard, but we added some water. We left a third container out near some sunlight in the classroom and added plenty of water.

After a few days we were able to compare the results. We observed that the container kept in the dark with no water didn’t produce any cress. The container in the cupboard with some water did grow, but it was a yellow colourful. The most successful green growth came from the container that had both sunlight and water.

Year 2 measured the length of the cress and then recorded this data in our science books. We were able form our own conclusions, stating that both light and water are needed for cress plants to grow.

A couple of our young Michael Faraday scientists explain a little more about their work in the video above.

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