Year 3 Adjectives

Year 3

Year 3 are getting excited about adjectives. We have been learning how amazing words can be added to liven up what might otherwise be a dull sentence. We have been reading the book The Pebble in My Pocket during this spring term. This is a factual book that looks at the pre-historic world and how it relates to what we can now see around us. Although it is full of knowledge, Year 3 thought that some of the sentences were missing a WOW! factor.

Year 3

We took three sentences that can be found at the opening of three chapters. They were very factual, but they didn’t quite grab us and tell us to keep on reading. Year 3 have edited the sentences and added in their own colourful adjectives. The stories now really stand out and make the subject matter come alive. You can listen to some of these being explored in the recording below.

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